MoneyPINs Digital Wallet Items

Interactive Responsive Web System Corroborated with Android/IOS Mobile Apps

Digital Wallet Items - One Unified Framework MoneyPINs provides a unified secured infrastructure and secure communication protocols for Electronic Wallet holding Digital Bills, Digital Debit/Credit Cards, Digital Checks, Digital Coupons, Flyers, Commerce Calendar and Tickets, all controlled and provided by the same unified methods and framework. Wallet items could be transferred between mobile devices via the Internet, SMS, NFC technology, Android Beam, and any other Electronic Connection.

Unlike any other solutions of electronic wallets that exist in the world today, MoneyPINs presents a unique and secure solution, secure and simple to operate and backed up today by a series of pending patents. The framework of MoneyPINs electronic wallet will not require the user to disclose card holder information with no fear of personal information leakage, thus ensuring the complete information privacy . There is NO total dependency on a service provider (other than cellular service providers).