MoneyPINs Digital Wallet Items

Interactive Responsive Web System Corroborated with Android/IOS Mobile Apps

Financial Wallet operations include:

MoneyPINs app enables users to QR Scan or use Contact-NFC over posters posted on participating retailers doors/windows/counters/cash registers/item shelves. When using the app users can use the scanner to scan the QR Code on the door front of the retailer or use the phone’s NFC. Once connected to particular retailer all future updates from the retailer will be delivered to the user (Coupons, Flyers, Events, and Notifications). The user can disconcert from the retailer any time when he/she elects to do (Setup/Retailer)


Note: MoneyPINs Electronic Cash (several pending patents) as opposed to Bitcoin, is digital currency of a fixed value, not speculated, has unlimited minting issues and can be validated at POS and later online. In many ways it is equivalent to paper money and it can also be printed by owners and used like any other currency notes. The currency can be subject to supervision by a central bank or organizations and financial institutions can be empowered to issue the money to their clients. The issued money can be verified off-line and once back online the currency and ownership is centrally validated. MoneyPINS Payment Methods are encrypted and non-repudiated. Each payment token include payer’s payment information and will need MoneyPINs front-end and backend schemas in order to be processed.